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Stayin' Alive!Forrest Gump Dance Page!I started moving my hips...

Run Forrest, Run Away!Run Forrest!!!OK...

Since I wasn't hungry, but thirsty...I must have drank me about 14 Dr. Peppers.

They offered me a fine job...What are you watching?   Burt & Ernie.

GO!   -   FORREST!If I was goin' somewhere, I was running!

Back To The Dancing!

Dancin' at TVdance.com!This is fun!If only my friends could see this page!They Can!Yeah, share it with them just by clicking that little button down there!Wow, that sounds easy!It sure is easy! Your Forrest-Fan friends will like it too!

Mmmm! Mmmm!Those guys above are shameless! Good dancers though!Can't wait for those magic legs!


Thanks For The Stopping By!I'm Forrest Gump, Thanks for stopping by!

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