Skyp Download & Information About Skyp VOIP

What is Skyp software and where can I download Skyp for my computer?

So what is this Skyp chat program that I've been hearing and reading so much about and also, where can I download Skyp? Skype is a free and simple software download, owned by the auction giant eBay, that will enable you to make free calls anywhere in the world in a few minutes. Skype uses innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) voice over IP (VOIP) technology to connect you with many other Skyp users. Downloads for Skype are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Business, WiFi Phones, and PocketPC. You can talk with other Skyp users through the microphone plugged into your computers after downloading a copy of the Skyp program. Some of the more popular features with the program Skyp are SkypeOut and SkypeIn. With the Skype Out feature, you can make calls to any landline or mobile phone in the world, not to just free skype users. Syp is available in download format for Windows, Linux, and Pocket PC. Using Skype is easy and free.

With SkypeIn, you can receive calls and voicemails / messages from other users. You can also use Skyp for instant messaging to other Skipe users. It is recommended that you purchase a headseat microphone for communicating to your friends & family with Skyp. It has been said that Skype's audio quality exceeds that of traditional LAN line phones. Copies of Skyp are available to download. Tell your friends and family to download skyp then add them to your Skyp buddy list in the Skype program. Download Skyp for free today. We hope this information helps about Skype Telephony. Skype has recently released a new email tooblar, web toolbar, and an office toolbar.

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