Trojan Warrior Costume Idea

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Top 10 Ten Costume Ideas
Boo! Trick or treat!
Trojan Warrior Full Body Mascot Costume - $499.99
Trojan Warrior costume idea
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This is an excellent choice as a costume idea for Halloween. Details for Trojan Warrior costume for Halloween 2021: Hide in a horse and surprise the other team in this trojan warrior mascot body suit costume. You will strike fear into the other team in this trojan warrior mascot body suit costume. A cool, lightweight, durable, top quality mascot costume that lasts for years! What makes this mascot unique is its patented 'softhead' construction technique which allows for a realistic look and attention to detail so important in today's costumes. The 'softhead' design also allows for this mascot costumes to be very lightweight and breathable, which in turn extends the wearing time of the costume. It also offers greater mobility which allows more freedom of movement for better interaction with the crowds. Complete costume includes: separate mascot head, tunic with cape, mock sandals with shin guards, and Trojan style helmet. More...
This Trojan Warrior costume is a highly recommended 2022 Halloween costume idea!

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