Heavy Metal Adult Costume Idea

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Heavy Metal Adult Halloween Costume - $21.97
Heavy Metal Adult costume idea
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Stop the clock at midnight in this festive costume. Details for Heavy Metal Adult costume for Halloween 2021: Bang your head this Halloween in this heavy metal from Twisted Sister adult Halloween costume. You can sing school's out in this Twisted Sister heavy metal adult Halloween costume. Get this heavy metal Twisted Sister adult Halloween costume before they are sold out. f you miss the 80's, when MTV actually played good videos, and you're not gonna take it anymore, this is the perfect vintage metal rocker heavy metal Twisted Sister Halloween costume for you! The Heavy Metal Hero Costume comes with outrageous zebra print bell bottom pants and a wild shiny red metallic jacket. To give this costume a real authentic look, add a wild and wacky 80's rocker wig from our large selection of wigs as well as some great footwear, have a look at our features suggested on this page, a scarf will also give it a great look as long as it is jazzy. More...
This Heavy Metal Adult costume is a highly recommended 2022 Halloween costume idea!

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