San Diego Padres Tickets at PETCO Park

The San Diego Padres 2021 MLB baseball current home game schedule, game times, Padres available tickets, luxury box suite tickets, Dugout and Tower Suites tickets, & regulare season game dates and times listing.

The San Diego Padres are back for another season of MLB baseball at PETCO Park in 2021. PETCO Park has over 42,000 seats and is a very attractive stadium. Lower priced seating tickets in PETCO Park are in the picnic bleachers, right field upper reserved, right field upper boxes, right field lower reserved, right field lower boxes, left field reserved, left field lower boxes, left field upper boxes, upper reserved, upper infield reserved, and upper boxes sections. The higher priced, but with better view tickets, are in the sections field reserved, field boxes, Toyota terrace reserved, near the dugout, near the baselines, and Toyota terrace infield. For watching the Padres in complete luxury, box suites are a must. PETCO Park luxury suite tickets can be purchased for premier club suites, Toyota terrace suites, tower lofts, and a membership to the Founder Club and also be purchased. The San Diego Padres are back for another exciting season at PETCO Park in San Diego, California. Below are listings for the best Padres tickets for home games versus other MLB National League teams. View the current 2021 Padres home game schedule & tickets prices below. Look for Dugout tickets or Tower Suites tickets to sit in the best sections of PETCO Park. Driving directions to PETCO Park and a seating chart for PETCO Park is available at the top right side of this page. Season tickets to see the San Diego Padres may also be available during off season. Enjoy the Padres home games at PETCO Park.

San Diego Padres tickets, National League home game listings, PETCO Park luxury box suite tickets, Tower Suites and Dugout tickets, & current schedule. San Diego Padres National League home game schedule:

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PETCO Park Seating Chart
PETCO Park Seating Chart

Directions to PETCO Park

San Diego Padres VIP Suite Tickets

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